Razberi Technology by Comnet- Surveillance Systems

Razberi Technologies by ComNet

Razberi by ComNet makes it simple to manage and secure video surveillance and network connected devices.  

The Razberi product line is a cost-effective solution and its cybersecurity products can compliment ComNet’s emphasis on securing business networks.

Razberi automates everything – providing high performance and highly reliable computing hardware with built-in video health monitoring and cybersecurity features in our switch fabric. 

Razberi meets the need of any sized organization, the platform offers intelligent appliances for video surveillance and IoT, automated cybersecurity and health monitoring software. Appliances are compatible with top management systems and many network cameras. 

Razberi Intelligent Video Surveillance Server Appliances  

Razberi offers a variety of appliances for the datacenter, the edge of the network, and outdoors, to store and process video.  

Inside each appliance is a combination of servers, switches, and storage to address specific applications.  

Automated Cybersecurity Software 

Appliances come configured with cybersecurity software that protects IP cameras and the appliances themselves.  

The process of setting up a cyber secure video surveillance system is automated via simple setup wizards that guide the user through the install process.  

Health Monitoring Software  

Razberi video health monitoring software works in conjunction with our intelligent appliances and cybersecurity software to alert customers to, and help them quickly resolve, video health and IoT device issues and cyber vulnerabilities.  

Here are a few great benefits: 

  • Razberiproducts are Assembled in the USA and TAA compliant 
  • RazberiGen 4 products leads the industry in video surveillance bandwidth optimization and simple network security 
  • Simple to install and maintain
  • Easy Native Integration with Milestone, Splunk,Solarwindsand Syslog 

Razberi by ComNet

Now offering a 5 year (standard 3+2) Advanced Replacement warranty on any SSIQ model with a 2-year subscription commitment on Monitor™ Cloud. Razberi Tech Support will monitor your server and proactively notify your account admin of any issue!

Email us at rob@coreproducts.ca to get started with a FREE DEMO or contact us for more information on how Razberi fits into your unique network!

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