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WebbVision is pleased to announce the release of it’s integration with Keyscan Aurora software.

Webb Electronics has pioneered a new intercom entry system that will transform the access-system industry. The revolutionary Webb Vision-Dimension is a transparent web-enabled entry phone solution specifically design for multi-residential buildings and office towers. Stylish and modern, the Vision-Dimension truly brings together form and function with a gesture-controlled touch screen, multi-lingual voice prompts and complete integration into the Webb Vision product line.   Webb Vision has expanded it’s product capabilities with an exiting new integration with Aurora access control by dormakaba.

This exiting new integration has several key features such as

1. Integrates both Webb Vision and Keyscan systems into a single browser based interface.
2. Add, delete and edit Keyscan Fobs in real time without using Aurora Software.  Easily edit Keyscan fobs directly on the
Webb Vision System from a web browser on a PC, tablet or phone. No proprietary software needed.
3. In addition you can add Virtual and Temporary Fobs Issuing temporary physical, digital or even access QR codes is now centralized on a single system keeping one audit trail.
4. Pulls real time reports from the Webb Vision system as well as the Keyscan system. Access Keyscan event logs from a web
browser based interface without having to open Aurora.  Events logs are easily exportable and can be sorted by access granted, access denied and
by user.
5. Controls elevators and doors.  Unlock floors for move-ins or maintenance with the click of a button on your phone pc or tablet.
Status updates are pushed and pulled from the Aurora software in real time.
6. Includes mobile App featuring basic functions and convivences of multi-tenant living.  Found on the IOS app  or   Andriod App 

How it Works

The Webb Vision system pushes and pulls data from the Keyscan Aurora Software in real time. The changes made in the
Aurora software such as authority groups, user names, FOB numbers are always up to date on the Webb Vision
Interface.  If the Aurora software is offline the Webb Vision system will have limitations accessing the Keyscan database until the network communication is restored.  This wont have any bearing on the operation of the fob system or the visitor entry system.

Requirements for Integration.

The Keyscan SDK is included in every Webb Exchange Server (WEX) which is required for any Webb deployment.
Keyscan only requires two licences for the SDK to function. The Aurora Software (EAUR-WV) is required.
This allows new or existing Aurora systems this amazing new integration for an affordable price.

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