Bosch Remote Portal

Remote Portal is the central platform for device management, activation of services and management
of software licenses, allowing end-users to easily connect to all devices registered to the platform.
Based on the Bosch Security Cloud, you can configure, troubleshoot, and update supported
devices using the browser-based interface or standard tools. With one click on Remote Portal, you can
activate additional value-added services such as Alarm Management in Cloud VMS, Camera Counter reports,
and Remote System Management for DIVAR IP devices without going on-site again. Thanks to a
comprehensive user management feature, rights and permissions can be tailored to the set-up of a
technician organization and end-user requirements.
Register free-of-charge on:

  • Remote System Management
    • Bosch’s Remote System Management service allows
      you to leverage the power of the Internet of Things
      (IoT) to provide an easy-to-use set of tools and
      capabilities for secure, transparent and cost-effective
      asset management throughout the life cycle of a
      device or system.
      This service enables users to perform inventory and
      update management, as well as health monitoring
      tasks for an entire system from one centralized
      Remote Portal platform.
      Remote System Management is available for DIVAR IP
      all-in-one 4000, DIVAR IP all-in-one 6000, DIVAR IP
      all-in-one 7000 3U and DIVAR IP all-in-one 7000 2U
  • Remote Connect
    • Remote Connect enables plug-and-play connection to
      devices with other applications such as configuration
      software (e.g., Configuration Manager) or mobile apps
      (e.g., Video Security App).
  • Remote Alert
    • Remote Portal monitors devices with Remote Connect
      services for connectivity or health status changes.
      Remote Alert sends notifications to selected users
      based on configurable triggers.
  • Remote Maintenance
    • Remote Maintenance assists in performing
      maintenance tasks on compatible devices and
      systems. Remote Maintenance is currently available
      for AVENAR panel 8000, AVENAR panel 2000,
      FPA 5000 and FPA 1200 fire alarm systems.
  • Camera Counter Report
    • Camera Counter Reports retrieve and store the values
      of camera VCA counters at regular intervals. Remote
      Portal stores values for visualization or exports to CSV
      files for further processing.
  • In-Store Analytics
    • Provide Retailers with customer traffic intelligence to
      improve in-store experience & service.
  • Cloud Storage
    • Record, store and access video event clips in the Bosch Security Cloud
  • Alarm Management
    • Activate Alarm Management to enable the management of
      cameras alarms and camera events in the Bosch Cloud VMS
  • AI Alarm Verification
    • Use AI Alarm Verification to enable post-processing of
      alarm events from cameras connected to Cloud VMS.
  • Alarm Monitoring
    • Use Alarm Monitoring to connect cameras to services of
      certified Monitoring Centers in the  Bosch Partner Network
  • Intelligent Traffic Solutions
    • Transportation Analytics provides data services for traffic
      authorities to improve safety and operational efficiency.

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