Spotter Global – Introducing NIO 5.0

Spotter Global is an innovative and forward-thinking company. The development of new features is in our DNA and pushes us to provide functionality where our competitors lag. With that being said, Spotter is excited to announce the release of NetworkedIO (NIO) Firmware 5.0.

This firmware incorporates many improvements and bug fixes including but not limited to:

– Added support for ONVIF motion events

– Improved Browser performance on sites with many devices

– Ability to have a camera with separate range settings for ground and air radars

– Added visuals to show enabled/disabled radars

– Maritime units were added for distance and speed fields

– API to cue camera to track

– NIO now supports local as well as cloud Aerial Armor connections

– Bosch Camera improvements and tracking upgrades

– Bosch camera driver for Dual Classification with Bosch camera video analytics

– Supports TLS 1.3

– Added LDAP-Secure (636) port to the list of network ports

Read the entire list of updates and changes

Check out the Release Notes Here

Latest Firmware Download

View the Reference Guide Here

Please Note:

This release of NetworkedIO no longer supports CC8A, CC8B, HUB4A, HUB4B, and HUB4C.
This release of NetworkedIO does support CC8C, HUB4D and later versions of hardware.
Additionally, please note that your NIO base version must be at 4.2.5 or higher before upgrading to NIO version 5.0

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