Bosch Security and Milestone Systems Integration

Bosch Security and Milestone Systems Integration

  • Milestone XProtect® VMS supports Bosch B and G Series intrusion control panel
  • Integrated solution combining central management, alarm detection and video surveillance
  • Control areas, doors and connected outputs from within XProtect
  • Covers solutions small to large including banks, retail stores, and more
  • Milestone is a Bosch Preferred Partner

Bosch Security and Milestone Systems work together to ensure integration of the latest Bosch intrusion control panels and the XProtect VMS. Dedicated integration efforts and the strength of the Milestone open platform software combine to delivers seamless control of security and video devices.

Security personnel can easily control areas, lock or unlock doors, and view the status of all points, areas, doors
and outputs monitored by Bosch B or G Series Control Panels, all from within the XProtect client. XProtect users can also activate or deactivate outputs connected to the panels. In addition, panel events can trigger actions within XProtect, and camera alarms can also trigger control panel events. One interface for controlling devices and viewing events greatly increases operator efficiency and simplifies security management.

With capacities that range from 16 to 599 points, B and G Series Control Panels are suitable for a wide range of facilities — from residential buildings to large installations. Support for these systems on XProtect products gives you multiple options for system design.

Key Features of Bosch Security and Milestone Systems Integration

  • Monitor the intrusion system: Identify current intrusion system status from within the XProtect interface.
  • Control points and connected devices: Turn areas on or off and activate or deactivate connected outputs, such as sounders and door strikes
  • Door control: Lock, unlock and open doors across a facility from the XProtect operator‘s workstation.
  • Trigger system actions:  Bi-directional communication enables XProtect to trigger actions based on defined alarms from the control panel.

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