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Lets talk Bosch Camera Analytics and Genetec Integration

With the deep integration of Bosch Camera Analytics in the Genetec Security Center and the integration of Traffic Sense we can offer state-of-the-art solutions for Intelligent Transportation Systems

With Video Analytics, the IP camera becomes an intelligent sensor. Using video as a sensor, city traffic planning directors can continuously collect real-time data to analyze traffic flow and implement new policies that result in safer and more efficient roadways. Data examples include pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicle counts, average speed and direction, and road occupancy.

In busy cities, Video Analytics can also help monitor parking lot occupancy, curbside parking, and enforce no-parking zones. In lots, cameras can count open parking spots or track ingress and egress, and relay this data to the Genetec Security Center or Traffic Sense. Sharing this information and alternative parking locations on a dynamic message sign can help drivers find open parking faster and reduce traffic congestion and emissions.

Features and benefits:

  • With built-in Video Analytics, processing is done at the edge – in the camera – with no central server required.
  • Machine learning enables the cameras to be taught to recognize up to 16 user-defined object classifiers for analytics applications, such as separating and counting vehicles clustered in front of traffic lights. This improves detection accuracy to enable precise vehicle counts.
  • Bosch offers a full line of fixed and moving, optical and thermal IP cameras that are ideal for intelligent transportation systems.
  • All Bosch IP 7000-9000 series cameras feature built-in Intelligent Video Analytics as standard. This includes MIC IP cameras, a series of extremely rugged moving cameras that are perfectly suited for intelligent transportation systems.

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