Bosch B Series Intrusion & AMS

Bosch webinar discussing the integration between Access Management System 3.0 and Bosch B Series Alarms.

All about AMS

Access management is an essential component of building security. It is the process of granting authorized users the right to enter certain buildings, areas and rooms, while preventing access to non-authorized users. Sounds simple, but today’s market also wants access management systems that are easy to set up and use. Access management systems must also be easily scalable and able to integrate with other security domains like video and intrusion systems. And perhaps most importantly, today’s market wants access management systems that are highly resilient and always available. That’s why Bosch has answered all these needs with the Access Management System 3.0, which became available in July 2020. In the next section, you’ll find information about the B Series Intrusion Control Panels.

Bosch B Series Intrusion Control Panels

B Series Intrusion Control Panels integrate seamlessly into the AMS  3.0 for efficient authorization management and a central overview of all access and intrusion authorizations. With central user management, operators can add, delete and modify intrusion-related user passcodes and authorizations directly in the AMS 3.0, as well as organize users by groups or functionalities. The integrated command and control functionality enables operators to arm and disarm intrusion areas directly in the system’s user interface as well as to see their arming status on the system map. This provides operators with a central overview of all access and intrusion states, allowing them to handle intrusion alarms efficiently and remotely.

Infographic: Access Management System (AMS)

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