Bosch AMS 3.0 and Milestone XProtect® Integration

A powerful combination of Bosch Access Control and Intrusion Alarm Systems with Milestone XProtect, covering integrated alarm management, video verification, map viewing, door handling and event viewing from one user interface!

Access Management System (AMS) V3.0.1

Bosch’s Access Management System (AMS) v3.0.1 combines high-end access control features, performance and availability with intuitive operation from 1000 to 200,000 users and from 32 to 10,000 doors.

  • Easy to use: Intuitive GUI for maps and alarm viewer, and web-based visitor management.
  • Easy to configure: Pre-packaged licenses, simple installation and set-up.
  • Comprehensive security management: Integrates with intrusion and video systems.
  • Robust and Secure: Multi-level architecture for system reliability, comprehensive data security and privacy protection.

New Features/Enhancements of AMS V3.0.1;

Visitor Management with browser-based user interface:

The most significant addition to AMS 3.0.1 is the new Browser-based Visitor Management tool.
This provides simple management of credentials for visitors through a new user interface.
Visitor management operates using a browser, so there is no need to install software on the terminal it is being used on.
The simple interface can be used by operators to provide credentials to visitors, manage visitor schedules and observe visitor status at a glance. The host feature allows for other employees to invite visitors and provide critical information, saving time and reducing complexity for building reception. The tool even allows visitors to enter their own information, scan documents such as their passport or driver’s license, and can capture their signature if desired. AMS Visitor Management is purchased as a separate license extension to AMS 3.0.1.

Passcode Management for up to 50 B or G Series control panels:

AMS operators can now manage passcodes for up to 50 integrated B or G Series control panels. This number has increased from 25. The number of panels supported for command and control remains at 25, but will be increased in an upcoming patch.

Temporary Door Mode override:

This allows operators to change the status of a door without permanently affecting the door time model (schedule). Operators can now unlock a door for special situations and set the door back to normal without having to re-program the time model.

Ability to operate AMS and RPS on the same computer

For installations with integrated B or G Series panels, AMS 3.0.1 and RPS can be installed on the same computer. This reduces cost and complexity while providing the advanced functionality of a combined Access Control and Intrusion system.

AMS Data Sheet

AMS 3.0.1 Data Sheet

Milestone & Bosch Video Analytics Integration

Bosch Security and Milestone Systems Integration

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