Avigilon ACM Integrates Bosch Alarm Panels

ACM Integrates Bosch Alarm Panels

Optimize the value of access control by monitoring and controlling Bosch intrusion panels from the ACM™ system.

This integration brings increased security, improved accuracy, and visual verification of alerts.

Incorporating an integrated system enables users to monitor intrusion and access events from a single location.

From there, they can arm and disarm panels by area, set up and assign passcode groups to identities, configure the system to send access events to the central monitoring service, and more.

Key Features of Avigilon Access Control and Bosch Alarm Panel Integration

Custom Linking

  • Create custom links between intrusion panels, areas, points, and outputs using Global Linkages and Actions in the ACM system.

Panel Health Monitoring

  • Monitor conditions like IP communication, AC voltage, battery connection and condition, phone line monitoring, and panel tamper.

Area Status Monitoring

  • Monitor statuses including ready to arm, armed, partial armed, not ready to arm, alarm, and trouble conditions.

Panel Area Filtering and Control

  • Filter by instant arm, delay arm, forced instant arm, or forced delay arm; control options include master arm, perimeter arm, disarm, and silence.

Point Filtering and Control

  • Filter by normal, faulted, bypass, or trouble; control options are bypass or unbypass.

Output Filtering and Control

  • Filter by inactive, active, or trouble; control options are activate or deactivate.

ACM Integration Benefits

  • Faster response due to increased situational awareness
  • Quicker verification of intrusion events via live video triggers
  • Increased security and convenience with intrusion area control
  • Anywhere/anytime availability from internet-enabled mobile devices
  • No additional access hardware or wiring required — connects to IP networks

Compatible Bosch Alarm Panels

  • Midrange: B3512, B4512, B5512 (B6512 coming soon)
  • Commercial: B8512G, B9512G and D9412GV4 Version 2

Avigilon Part Numbers 

  • Single-panel integration license: AC-SW-LIC-BOSCHINTR-1PANEL
  • Ten-panel integration license: AC-SW-LIC-BOSCHINTR-10PANEL

More info can be found here!

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