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    Video Management Software

    Video Management software (VMS) is your visual front line defense to analyze and assess what is occurring in your premises or facility.  Core Products represents Industry leading VMS solutions that often incorporate specific analytical detection algorithms to enhance and add usage intelligence to the daily process of monitoring cameras and visual sensors.


    Analytics are changing the way the industry thinks about video.   We now consider cameras intelligent sensors that monitor situations for security and life safety but are also used to increase operational efficiency.


    What parameters are important when considering a video cameras?  Low light levels, high contrast of light and shadows have an affect on the outcome of an image.  Here are some considerations:

    Storage & Workstations

    It’s no longer enough to place your trust in a white box video surveillance solution. IP video surveillance systems are placed under increasingly strict video retention mandates. Our video solutions servers are built for deployments requiring high availability, redundancy and top performance.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Bosch cameras with starlight technology are the gold standard in low light video performance. Back in 2012, Bosch introduced the world’s first starlight cameras. Designed to give excellent images, even in the lowest light conditions, they revolutionized the industry and created true 24/7 surveillance. The latest sensor technology, combined with sophisticated noise suppression, results in a light sensitivity of 0.00825 lux in color and 0.00275 lux in monochrome1. This enables starlight cameras to produce full color images in the dark beyond the point where other cameras have switched to monochrome. Where other cameras fail to show any image at all, starlight cameras are still capable of delivering detailed monochrome images.

    The latest cameras come with video analytics at the edge as standard, requiring no additional investment or license fees from the customer. It makes high quality images even more relevant around the clock by adding sense and structure to your video data. Video analytics enables you to stream only what’s relevant, retrieve evidence quickly and simply and trigger alarms when needed. All of which eliminates the need to process hours of video data, making it easier to manage than ever before.

    Video Analytics delivers algorithms that can be used for smart movement detection and business analytics.
    It allows a single camera solution to be used to:

    • Enforce health and safety regulations,
    • intelligent intrusion and idle-object detection;
    • as well as to perform crowd density assessment.

    It takes a smart camera to simplify the video security process, as demonstrated by the remote commissioning functionality. By using a smart device, together with the Project Assistant app, the pan, tilt, roll and zoom (PTRZ) function can set the required field of view without having to touch the camera or lens. This remote commissioning and configuration can be adapted at any stage beyond the initial set-up, making it quick and convenient to adjust the field of view should initial planning requirements change, e.g. new layouts.

    Bosch offers a wide range of products that includes special products such as day/night cameras, infrared illuminators and long-distance cameras. With these products solutions from Bosch Security Systems help Energy & Utility facilities to manage these security, safety and communication challenges.

    Unlike Bosch edge-based analytics, Camera Trainer uses machine learning to create a deeper understanding of objects moving in the field of video. Machine learning, on the other hand, needs high resolution and will thus only work in near range. It also needs high processing power, which is one of the main reasons adoption is not more widespread. Furthermore, it can only detect trained and expected objects. But with machine learning, objects can be properly classified, and close objects can be separated well. Non-moving objects can still be detected, even after a very long time without motion. Therefore machine learning in general is a good technology for applications like parking lot occupancy, traffic monitoring, as well as for counting people without false counts from shopping carts or baggage.

    Included in data security;

    1. Only secured connections
    2. Password enforcement at setup
    3. Unsecured ports disabled
    4. Unsecure remote communication disabled
    5. Uploading of 3rd party software not possible
    6. Firmware updates only possible via Manufacutre signed firmware files
    7. Trusted Platform Module (TPM) inside

    Bosch has developed a series of apps and interactive tools that will help you find the best product for your security needs. Through easy to use interfaces, our free online tools and apps listed below will guide you to the right solutions based on your specifications. From our mobile viewing apps that allow easy viewing of cameras remotely and locally on both iOS and Android devices, remote access is easy to set up. As well, Bosch offers a Download Store to allow for easy access to Camera Firmware, BVMS Software and Desktop applications. Bosch also offers a variety of online tools to assist with choosing the best camera for your project, as well as quick Selection Guides to make sure you have all the needed mounting accessories. Storage, Lens and Analytic Calculators are available to ensure your project progresses smoothly.


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    I have had the great pleasure in knowing and working with Mark at Core Products for the past fifteen years, Mark is truly a professional that has abundant knowledge of the security industry.

    Mark has incredible experience in CCTV, Intrusion, Access, Biometrics and Analytics. His positive attitude on undertaking any project makes him a pleasure to work with.

    Core Products’ customer service skills goes unparalleled and is a dying art, they never fail to find the right solution and make the customer feel confident with their recommendations.

    They work extremely well under tight timelines and always remain calm during the process; they do not hesitate to ask for help when needed.

    I feel blessed that I have had the pleasure to meet and work with Mark at Core Products, I have confidence that whatever Mark pursues that he will be very successful and the customers he meets will be very impressed with his expertise.

    James G. Turner, Global Cannabis Security

    Our company has had, and continues to have the pleasure of working with Mike Hogg and his business partner Rob at Core Products for product training, promotions and full security installations for our clients. Mike demonstrated exceptional knowledge of the products he represented and was thorough in his one on one training services and in any consultations. Mike really prioritized communications and was always very helpful and prompt with his response times. We’d highly recommend him for his professionalism, reliability, and exceptional customer service skills.

    Nick Atchison, Tri-West Integrated Solutions Inc.

    Being a Territory Sales Manager of Inovonics for over 17 years I have had the pleasure of working with many representatives. I have worked with Michael now for a couple of years and recently went out in the field with him. Michael is one of the most professional manufacturer’s representatives I have ever worked with. He is totally dedicated to his clients, potential clients, and has thorough knowledge of his product lines. Michael is truly an asset to the Security Profession.

    Dan Spark, Inovonics - Now retired

    I have known and worked with Mike for many years. I have always found him to be very knowledgeable and solutions oriented in his approach to system design and implementation. His ability to put himself in his customer’s shoes, and his sharp wit, have always put a relevant and unique perspective on his work.

    Guy Walker, ComNet