Remote Programming Software V6.10

Remote Programming Software or RPS is an account management and control panel programming utility for Microsoft Windows operating systems. Operators can do account storage, remote programming, remote control, and diagnostic for a particular control panel.

Version 6.10

RPS Version 6.10 promotes B9512GB8512GB6512B5512B4512, and B3512 control panel firmware version 3.10 and the B465 Universal Dual Path Communicator firmware version 2.01, so, what’s new? It explains updated and new features in this version of RPS.

Updated & New Features in RPS V6.10

  1. Output Profile

Output Profile provides an alternative method to program the behavior of Panel Outputs. Output Profiles include the ability or advanced panel operations involving operating two different Outputs based on the same condition.

Conditions that stimulate an Output can also be from the same panel Area, separate Areas on Panel Wide. Output profiles are present to offer countless Outputs enabling instant and consistent Output Programming.

  1. Bosch Security Manager (BSM) Support

RPS offers the ability to grant, review, and eliminate mobile user access to link with a security control panel utilizing the BSM app. Mobile users will get an information SMS message and log into BSM using their Bosch User ID to interact with the security control panel.

  1. Extended Microsoft SQL Support

Microsoft SQL2012 database has been extended and now involves SQL2014, SQL2016, SQL2017, and SQL 2019. During this new version of RPS, SQL Express 2017- 64 bit systems or SQL Express 2012-32 bit systems have been installed.

  1. SQL Database Security

During SQL and RPS database installations, RPS has updated and utilizes a stronger SQL.

FPD-7024 Fire Panel Connection Support

RPS V 6.10 will permit connections to FPD-7024 fire panels without needing a hardware licensing dongle.

  1. Increased Help Resources

Select RPS help topics have been expanded with links that join RPS operations with topic-specific instructional & Overview videos from Bosch Alarm.

  1. B series & G series Control Panels

RPS supports B9512GB8512GB6512B5512B4512 and B3512 control panel firmware version 3.10. To get the latest firmware for the B series alarm go to

Issues Corrected in Version 6.10

  • Ability to operate without corruption for panels with custom text fields utilizing UTF-8 characters.
  • RPS V6.09 and previous versions experienced panel connection failure when utilizing the RPS Cellular Callback technique combined with the B444-A or B444-V cellular modules. This problem is resolved in the RPS V6.10.
  • For the B6512 control panel with firmware v3.09 and previous ones, Holiday Index does not execute as programmed. This issue is fixed with control panel firmware V3.10.
  • RPS V6.10 supports single quote (‘), double quote (”), equal (=), semicolon (;) characters to be utilized in database name and connections. New informative messages are also offered to users for unsupported database configurations.
  • In some instances, a user was not able to do a soft disconnect from 7400. This problem has also been corrected in this new version.
  • Operating improvements have been made for Remote Programming Software Version 6.10 to complete panel delete operations across many panels.

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