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fire detection
fire detection

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    Conventional smoke and heat detectors as well as specialty products such as the Flush Mount smoke detector , The are of invisible smoke detection.

    Video Sensors for Smoke
    & Flame Detection

    Adequate and reliable Fire detection and mitigation are not only essential but mandatory under most municipal building occupancy regulations. Core Products can assist with the design and selection of Industry leading fire detection technology, from traditional tried and tested smoke and fire sensors to cutting edge Video based fire and smoke detection analytics like the Bosch AVIOTEC camera. We can demonstrate how both technologies (traditional and cutting edge) can work complimentary in a layered fire detection scenario.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    No, there is no product standard available for video fire detection. Therefore, it is an additional technology that is for example considered useful to comprehensive risk assessment. AVIOTEC can be used in areas/applications, where standard fire detectors are not required by law/standard or the necessary parties signed a special fire protection concept.

    The minimum distance depends on the mounting height. The vertical mounting angle has to be37,5°or less.For example: if the camera is installed at a ceiling height of 7m the minimum distance to the fire is 9,3m.

    The maximum distance depends on the opening angle of the lens, the mounting height and the setting of the size slider (configuration of AVIOTEC).For example: The maximum distance for a TF5 fire is 23m with a 90° lens opening angle and standard settings of flame size.

    AVIOTEC detects flames with a size larger than 1,56% of the picture width with standard settings. Therefore the detectable flame size in a distance of 23 m is 0,5 m. To see detectable smoke/flame sizes in the customers application use the planning tool!

    AVIOTEC needs a minimum illumination level of 7 Lux.

    Flames and smoke can be detected within the full field of view of the camera.

    Open cellulosic (wood) fire (TF1)

    Smoldering (pyrolysis) wood fire (TF2)

    Glowing smoldering cotton fire (TF3)

    Flaming plastics (polyurethane) fire (TF4)

    Flaming liquid (n-heptane) fire (TF5)

    Liquid (methylated spirit) fire (TF6)

    Low temperature black smoke (decalin) liquid fire (TF8)

    Thermal cameras can detect heat. Smoke plumes from hidden smoldering fires cannot be detected.

    Via ONVIF and standard protocols AVIOTEC is compatible with 3rdp arty VMS. AVIOTEC is fully integrated into the BVMS (Bosch VMS),Genetec,ISS and Milestone systems.

    Standard fire detectors are mounted at the ceiling. Smoke from a fire source has to reach the detector. The higher the ceiling, the longer this process will take. Due to a longer detection time, fires can develop faster than being detected early by the AVIOTEC. In special cases inversion layers can exist in big halls (the reason behind are heat pockets beneath the ceiling). The smoke will not reach the ceiling -> standard fire detectors cannot trigger an alarm.


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