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The control room is the nerve center of any mission critical environment.

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    Effective control room design considers both form and function to create workspaces that facilitate the complex interaction between operators, technology and the environment. Winsted creates ergonomically designed console and furniture solutions that do just that.

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    Employees expect their organizations to look out for their health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally. This is an even more pertinent point for younger workers, who want to work for companies that truly care about their welfare. When a company invests the time, money, and effort into creating an ergonomic environment equipped with purpose-built consoles, its employees will notice. Much like you would see a fitness centre on a corporate campus, investment in control room consoles shows that you truly care about your employees’ needs. Companies making this investment also get a leg up on their competitors in worker recruiting and retention, where anything you can do to differentiate always helps to attract new talent.

    The number of operators, the amount of equipment, and the size of the space all dictate what technical furniture will work best in a specific control room. Consider how many operators need to be in the space at any given time. Then based on that number, determine what type of equipment and number of monitors each operator needs to be able to do his or her job. The layout of the room is also important and determines whether you need a high-density installation (e.g., where multiple operators are working at a large console in order to save space) or standalone workstations that are separated by a certain amount of distance. For the latter, you want to make sure that operations have proper sight lines to the monitor walls (so they can see what’s going on at all times). Also consider whether the furniture will be stationary or that it can accommodate a sit-stand work environment, the latter of which is very popular due to its health benefits for operators. Finally, determine whether you want open-based consoles or enclosed-based consoles. The former work well when the equipment is housed in another room, while the latter are perfect for “hiding” the control room equipment, cables, wires, and other items.

    The differences are significant but aren’t always easily recognizable. Robust cable management, cooling capacity, and sit-stand actuators are some of the major differentiators that companies can look for. Technical consoles are also modular and reconfigurable to the point where they can be expanded or condensed as needed. Standard office furniture doesn’t offer these options. At Winsted, we also factor in aesthetics and come up with designs that are pleasant to use and look at—versus more industrial options. We also use heavy-duty steel superstructures that can be moved around, taken apart, reconfigured, and put back together. If you try to do that with a standard office desk you will lose a lot of structural integrity in the process.

    The number of cables and wires used to run a control room can be downright staggering. Because of this, you want to make sure that you have ample cable management that’s not only accessible for employees, but that also allows for separation between data cabling and power cabling (which can create interference when commingled). By providing distinct areas for power versus data cabling, you can avoid these interference problems and create easy access for employees. A lot of companies are concerned about cable management, how to run cables from the floor, and how they will be attached to the equipment within the consoles.

    With studies showing that people who sit for long periods at work may be susceptible to various illnesses and even a shorter life expectancy, the human benefits of moving from basic stationary office desks to sit-stand consoles can be significant. Not only will you see an immediate improvement in morale and productivity, but you’ll also no longer have people leaving their desks in the middle of a shift to stretch their legs and take standing breaks.

    Knowing that control rooms include more than just the workstations that employees are using on a daily basis, you’ll also want to choose carefully when buying the furniture that will complement those consoles. Some of the ancillary pieces include peninsulas, credenzas, map tables, lockers, and conference room tables. Lighting, acoustics, and traffic patterns should also be factored in as you put together a complete control room ecosystem. To reduce distractions, for example, you’ll need good aisle clearance and spacing—both of which also support optimal control room efficiency. Once in place, these solutions come together to create a synergistic environment where employees operate in a very productive, efficient, safe, and healthy manner.


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