Bosch Security Systems and ISS Integration

Bosch Security Systems and ISS Integration

Bosch Security Systems and Intelligent Security Systems have come together and combined the power of video security cameras with the innovative expertise of  video management.

Intelligent Security Systems (ISS)

ISS  is a leading developer of video management and video intelligence solutions.

The ISS video management platform, SecurOS™, is an enterprise management system that suits small or large-scale projects,  that supports network servers and ISS analytics. It can also be  integrated with Bosch Security access control systems, fire safety, and they are compatible with any third-party security equipment.

Alarm and exception verification can be done onsite or from a central office. The integration of the two, creates an alarm and reaction-based system, which permits detection of events and create reactions for automation.

Integrates easily with third party management, as well as legacy security equipment and external databases. The ISS experience has advanced algorithms that provides a level of intelligence and native video analytics that are available and customizable for all verticals in the market.

The partnership supports Bosch’s belief that the logical next-step for security is to enable customers to repurpose the vast amounts of video data that they now can capture.

Check out our webinar to learn about the full capabilities and the extent of the partnership!

You can also find more info about the integration can be found here.

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