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    Access Control

    A secure environment demands accurate identification and authentication of credentials when admitting authorized personnel within a controlled environment. dormakaba’s access systems  provide a secure, yet transparent solution for facilities requiring authorized access to secured areas.

    Wireless Access

    Our comprehensive selection of locks creates a range of system options. Our E-Plex series allow you to set user schedules and review PIN and/or card access remotely. They start as a stand-alone access solution for a single door.

    When Integrated with Keyscan Aurora software E-Plex allows advanced management and wireless programming solutions that can build E-Plex locks into an enterprise solution that can span multiple facilities and thousands of doors. Locks are available in mortise, cylindrical and exit trim options with a host of reader offerings including DESFire and iCLASS smart cards/credentials.


    Security, function, and visual appeal are the foundation of door hardware that architects, builders, and designers, and end users expect from dormakaba. dormakaba door hardware is manufactured to meet the needs of any commercial building. A wide list of closers, operators, locks, exit devices, and electronic access control components, are offered to fit any size or style door.

    We offer comprehensive consulting services for hardware, doors, frames, and more.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Both electronic access control systems and key control systems provide authorized access through doors, however an electronic access control system can assign when a credential is authorized for entry, can provide an audit of which credentials have been used where, and can provide real time feedback.  These are features not available through the use of a key control system.

    Fail safe (or fail unlocked) electronic locking devices require power to lock and become unlocked without power.  Fail secure (or fail locked) electronic locking devices require power to unlock and remain locked without power. The majority of electronic locking device applications require a door to remain locked most of the time and therefore use fail secure locks as they are more energy efficient, last longer, and provide better security than fail safe locks in these applications.

     Proximity readers operate at 125kHz, use older technology and are no longer considered secure for electronic access control.  Smart-card readers operate at 13.56MHZ and employ both credential authentication and encryption. HID iClass SEOS and MIFARE are two popular examples of smart-card readers.

    Integrated electrified locks are electromechanical locks complete with integral reader, latch position monitor, and request-to-exit switch to deliver all required access control functionality in a single product.  These locks come in either hard wired, stand-alone battery operation, or battery operated wireless versions.


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    I have had the great pleasure in knowing and working with Mark at Core Products for the past fifteen years, Mark is truly a professional that has abundant knowledge of the security industry.

    Mark has incredible experience in CCTV, Intrusion, Access, Biometrics and Analytics. His positive attitude on undertaking any project makes him a pleasure to work with.

    Core Products’ customer service skills goes unparalleled and is a dying art, they never fail to find the right solution and make the customer feel confident with their recommendations.

    They work extremely well under tight timelines and always remain calm during the process; they do not hesitate to ask for help when needed.

    I feel blessed that I have had the pleasure to meet and work with Mark at Core Products, I have confidence that whatever Mark pursues that he will be very successful and the customers he meets will be very impressed with his expertise.

    James G. Turner, Global Cannabis Security

    Our company has had, and continues to have the pleasure of working with Mike Hogg and his business partner Rob at Core Products for product training, promotions and full security installations for our clients. Mike demonstrated exceptional knowledge of the products he represented and was thorough in his one on one training services and in any consultations. Mike really prioritized communications and was always very helpful and prompt with his response times. We’d highly recommend him for his professionalism, reliability, and exceptional customer service skills.

    Nick Atchison, Tri-West Integrated Solutions Inc.

    Being a Territory Sales Manager of Inovonics for over 17 years I have had the pleasure of working with many representatives. I have worked with Michael now for a couple of years and recently went out in the field with him. Michael is one of the most professional manufacturer’s representatives I have ever worked with. He is totally dedicated to his clients, potential clients, and has thorough knowledge of his product lines. Michael is truly an asset to the Security Profession.

    Dan Spark, Inovonics - Now retired

    I have known and worked with Mike for many years. I have always found him to be very knowledgeable and solutions oriented in his approach to system design and implementation. His ability to put himself in his customer’s shoes, and his sharp wit, have always put a relevant and unique perspective on his work.

    Guy Walker, ComNet